Plastic Free Schools

Plastic free schools is a student led campaign that empowers young people to take action and make positive and long lasting change within their school, local community and environment by eradicating single use plastic from their school.

Plastic Free Schools can be incorporated into an 8 week sustainability module or it can be rolled out in 2 workshops over a 6 week period in conjunction with support from a school member of staff.

Workshop 1 - A double period - or 2 hours

Introduction to the causes, effects and solutions to plastic pollution Campaign strategy planning: Identifying the target audience, audience channels, campaign blocks, who needs to be on board, enlistment of ideas and execution. Task assignment: Students will be assigned roles in the group which can be divided up on each students interest and strengths for example Presentations team, social media, canteen, surveys, petitions, bin audits, bottle research, meetings etc The students will have weekly tasks and responsibilities to full fill until they achieve their target goal of becoming plastic free. This can be achieved within 6 weeks.

Workshop 2 - A double period - or 2 hours

Students will be taught to run a plastic free workshop that they will then in turn teach to the other students in school. Peer education is a highly effective form of educating that promotes personal development creativity and knowledge whilst giving young people a senses of empowerment and responsibility. Other skills include self-awareness, confidence and personal skills.

These workshops also offer the plastic free schools team a platform to raise awareness about their campaign and to filter their educational message throughout the school. The workshop will include 6 educational games stations, each with a different learning outcome. Students visiting the workshops will be divided into groups and then will rotate around the stations. Students leaving the workshop will have learned about the causes effects and solutions to plastic pollution by its end.

The cost of the Plastic Free Schools programme is 250 euro per workshop.