Transition Year Programme

Education for Sustainability (ESD) is a rapid call to action, designed to achieve rapid environmental change at all levels of society. In Ireland, climate education is a necessity, in turning the tide on how we see and deal with climate change. Forty percent of the world’s population are under the age of 24, therefore, it is imperative that young people are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to deal with the current environmental crisis that we are facing. This ESD programme can bring change and engagement to issues that are critical to moving forward towards a healthy and safe environment by developing local responses to global challenges, actively engaging in resilience initiatives in the school and local community.

The Transition Year Programme provides a means of strengthening the place of ESD in the curriculum. As the September 2018 TY students did not have the opportunity to avail of ESD in the older JC curriculum. An introduction to ESD at this stage is highly recommended. ESD skills, such as Peer Education, can enhance learning opportunities in the Senior Cycle. As TY has a modular structure of three or four cycles of eight weeks, I facilitate and deliver an 8-week environmental and community-based action project programme. Students will develop an action project that is important to them, enabling them to connect with their local community, using land-based learning methodologies. Students will also have the opportunity to put their projects forward for national awards. Action projects place an emphasis on personal development and student empowerment.

My workshops focus on sustainable development related issues such as biodiversity, resource and energy use, as well as Community Development, Sustainable Enterprises and ECO Health and Well Being.

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